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Turiba & Accenture start collaboration to promote youth interest in IT (0)

Expert forecasts indicate a rapidly growing demand for highly qualified specialists in the coming decade, especially in engineering and information and communication (ICT) technologies. In response to the latest labour market trends and demands, Turiba University and Accenture, one of the leading IT companies in Latvia and worldwide concluded a cooperation agreement on 13th February to promote the youth interest in the IT sector, their education and successful integration into the labour market.

Within the framework of cooperation students will be offered internship opportunities, guest lectures, company tours, etc. The company will also provide support to students in the choice of research topics for bachelor and master level studies to ensure that their research work makes a real contribution to the industry.

“We are pleased to start the cooperation, and believe that it will make a significant contribution not only to our students and the faculty, but also to the company and the IT industry as a whole. Every study programme has to offer emerging professionals what is really needed for the industry. The labour market around the world is now demanding digital skills, regardless of the chosen industry, so we hope that cooperation will stimulate youth interest in the development of their digital skills and the IT industry.” says Aldis Baumanis, Rector of Turiba University

The number of ICT specialists in Latvia constitute 2.2% of all ICT employees which is well below the EU average (3.7%), according to the European Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). “For a better Latvian future, we should not only achieve but exceed the average EU level in order to approach the Finnish share of ICT specialists (6.6%). We highly appreciate the cooperation with Turiba University to promote opportunities for people to acquire the knowledge necessary for the labour market, which will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the country and increasing the number of ICT specialists.” emphasizes Maxims Jegorovs, Accenture Manager in Latvia.

Since the beginning of 2019, Turiba has started implementing its new study programme “Computer Systems”, integrating IT and business skills which are highly in demand currently in the labour market. Accenture has also been closely involved in developing the content of study courses to ensure closer integration of study process and the labour market.