News>Tourist route ‘Rīga–Ogre’ or a 40 km walk at the largest World Tourism Convention ITB BERLIN 2013

Tourist route ‘Rīga–Ogre’ or a 40 km walk at the largest World Tourism Convention ITB BERLIN 2013 (3)

During the period from March 6 through 10 one of the world’s most significant tourism conventions ITB Berlin 2013 took place in Berlin. As students of the Turiba University master and bachelor programmes and future professionals of the tourism industry, we had the privilege of visiting this magnificent event in order to learn more about the most recent trends in global tourism and to complete our assignments.

In total there were 10,086 participants to the convention from 188 countries. Latvia’s exhibition stand along with that of other European countries and its neighbours in the Baltic region was located in Hall 18. The total exhibition floor area was 16,000 sq. m and during the two days of visit we covered a distance of 40 km by foot which equals that of the route ‘Riga–Ogre’ in Latvia.

Every exhibitor’s stand was custom-designed and unique and each of them attempted to attract attendees by means of a great diversity, for example, the Spanish representatives provided the sampling of home-made wines and fresh fruit cocktails, the Greeks were preparing the conventional Greek ice-coffee, the representatives of Central America surprised the public by exotic dance performances, while the artists from Thailand were presenting top martial art, among many highly captivating performances by other exhibitors.

One of the assignments given to us was to assess the professionalism of marketing activities by countries and enterprises. Among the 26 halls of exhibitions we had a wonderful opportunity to see some very successful examples of that, while others were less prominent.

Parallel to the exhibition activity an international conference took place in participation of our tourism researchers and professionals from across the world, such as Claus Sendinger, Doug Lansky, Michael C. Burda, Ph.D., among many others who took part there. The lectures provided an insight into the current state of the industry, and the experts shared their views and their visions for the future tourism industry and the possible directions it may take.

From this trip we returned bearing the luggage of indispensable experience, increased bank of knowledge and slightly aching feet.:) We suggest to all those willing to actually go through this experience and to see all of it by their own eyes in order to come back with new business ideas and to work towards further developing the tourism sector of Latvia.

This is the fourth consequential year already when the students of Turiba University were able to make a study trip to one of the most significant global tourism fairs ITB Berlin 2013 to learn about the role of international tourism exhibitions and their relevance to the marketing and management of tourism enterprises.

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Written by

Sergejs Brusovs (SML1V1)
Krista Kauseniece (STL4D2)




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