News>Till May 19 Submit your Idea for the First Round of the Competition „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student”

Till May 19 Submit your Idea for the First Round of the Competition „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student” (1)

On May 9 submission of ideas for the first round of the competition of Turiba University „20 000 EUR for Turiba University” began. Therefore, all students are invited to prepare their ideas and not to wait until the last minute!

Submission of ideas will be held for ten days, in the period from May 9 till May 19. Applications shall be submitted electronically in BATIS.

Organizers of the competition remind that the idea shall not obligatory be a business project developed in details, any kind of challenges will be reviewed – opening of family café or management of the famous hotel in the world, charity campaign or traveling around the world – which in the case of success can be realized by using the gained start-up capital.

The competition will be organized in three rounds in which ideas of students will be evaluated and the winner of the gratuity will be awarded by specially created commission, public voting and the jury of the competition composed of representatives of tourism, business, law and communication sector. One University student of the academic year 2013/2014 which presentation of idea will be declared as the best one will be awarded the gratuity. The final round of the competition is envisaged in July, 2014.

You can found more detailed information about the competition by reading the regulation of the competition in the section of homepage of Turiba University 20 000 EUR for Turiba Student.

In case of questions students are invited to write on e-mail: or call: 67606102.




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