News>This year will be granted seven Turiba University Honorary titles

This year will be granted seven Turiba University Honorary titles (3)

For the third year in a row at Turiba University will be held a solemn award ceremony - Turiba University's  Award of the Year "Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence. ". University is proud of the people who through their work have led university closer to its goals, so this year at the ceremony will be granted honorary titles -

• Honorary Graduate of Turiba University;

• Honorary student of Turiba University;

• Honorary Professor of Turiba University;

• Honorary Doctorate of Turiba University.

Graduates of the university, councilors of faculties, members of Counselors Convent, cooperation partners,  industry and employers' organizations were able to recommend candidates for nomination of this award by completing a registration form. However, only university's stuff and students had the right to nominate candidates for  granting honorary titles. 

Every graduate of Turiba University,  student,  representative of academic staff  as well as every person who through their work has led university closer to its goals could be recommended or nominated as well as could recommend or nominate themself for getting award.

Committee of Honorary titles approved by Senate decided which candidates will get the Honorary titles. The Committee of honorary titles recommended candidates for getting the award to the Senate and the Senate approved it.

This year at the solemn ceremony will be granted seven Honorary titles:

Turiba University
Honorary Doctorate
Jānis Stradiņš
Academician,physics chemist, science historian

Turiba University
Honorary Professor
Aivars Endziņš
Professor of Turiba University

Turiba University
Elīna Jurkāne
4th year student of the Faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University

Turiba University
HONORARY graduate
in business
Alise Balgalve
Ltd. Felice Manager (brand muesli "Graci" creator)

Turiba University
HONORARY graduate
in government
Guna Paidere
The main state notary of Register of Enterprises

Turiba University
HONORARY graduate
in the industry of communication
Toms Kalnītis
Manager of internal communication of Latvian Railway

Turiba University
HONORARY graduate
in the industry of tourism and hospitality 
Valdis Vanadziņš
General Director of hotel Pullman Riga Old Town.

Recipients ot the awards are informed personally and are  invited to the solemn awards ceremony - Turiba University's Award of the Year "Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence." which will be held on 20th April. 

The Honorary title confirms recognition of Turiba University for persons merits in favor of society and university which do not give material benefits. The award is granted for life. The honorary title of very serious reasons can be withdrawn by a decision of the Constitutional Assembly.



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13.04.2017. 15:47
There is a title "Honorary Student" so international student can be nominated as well.


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There must be honorary award for international students who perform well in their study