News>This year the "International Summer School" will take place in Latvia

This year the "International Summer School" will take place in Latvia (1)

Already second year with a funding support from Nordplus there is the International Summer School in a collaboration with Vilnius University, Estonian Business University, Uppsala University and Turiba University. This year to the project SCCL (Strategic communication competencies for leadership) joins Tartu University.

International Summer School will take place from 14th till 19th May in Latvia, in Turiba University. Last year, in 2016,  the project took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. This year the theme of International Summer School is: the perception of the public interest and persuasive communication. 

In the International Summer School will be students from Finland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Netherland and India. 

Lectures will be given by professors from Uppsala University in Sweden, Vilnius University, Tartu Universiyu and Turiba University.