News>Third Meeting of the Erasmus+ project „ Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: Unity in diversity in the EU labour market” in Riga, Latvia

Third Meeting of the Erasmus+ project „ Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: Unity in diversity in the EU labour market” in Riga, Latvia (1)

The third meeting of the Erasmus+ project „Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: Unity in diversity in the EU labour market” (Project No.: 2016-1-HR01-KA202-022160) was held in Turiba University from the 27th till the 29th April, 2017.

This Erasmus+ project is a continuation of the project „Key Skills for the European Union Hotel Staff” (Project No.: 2014-1-HR01-KA2014-007224) and its duration period is from 1st September 2016 – 31st August, 2018.

The third transnational meeting was attended by the participants of all project partners: Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik (Croatia), Turiba University (Latvia), Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota (Slovenia), Primrose Publishing (UK), IPSSA Nino Bergese (Italy), Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca (Romania), as well as the new partners Provincial Directorate of Education in Turkey Kutahya (Turkey), Vilniaus verslo kolegija (Lithuania) and Vyšší odborná škola, Střední průmyslová škola a Obchodní akademie, Čáslav (Czech Republic).

During the first day of the meeting after a warm welcome speech by Agita Doniņa, the Head of the Faculty of International Tourism, the results and the necessary corrections of the previous work period were discussed. During a brainstorming session the structure and the content of the next learning modules were elaborated. After the work session the project partners visited Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, and had sightseeing in the old town afterwards.

On the second day of the meeting there was a workshop at the premises of Start-up Hotel of Turiba University where the language learning materials were filmed based on the dialogues made by the project partners. These learning materials are connected with the Tourism and Hospitality field – welcoming guests in the hotel and restaurant, check-in and check-out the guests, restaurant service, handling of complaints and so on. The created learning video materials will be used in developing interactive learning materials in 16 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, Czech, Swedish, Turkish, Greek and Russian) for A1 language level.

During the first six months of the project, the partners created 30 case study modules for English language learning (level C1), six Face-to-face modules, that will supplement the six comprehensive online English language modules created during the project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff”, already available for public use at: addition, we have created also a wide Intercultural module, consisting of online learning materials, nine case study situations based on intercultural nuances, creative Face-to-face tasks. This module is created in English and it is designed for strengthening the B2/C1 English language competence, as well as for the promotion of intercultural awareness. This module will be useful both for students and employees of different fields, whose job duties are connected with foreign customers or partners, as well as it will be useful for anyone visiting one of the nine partner countries. Currently, the project partners are also working on the creation of nine country modules, which will include relevant information on each partner country.

At the conclusion of the meeting, despite the cold and rainy weather, the project participants went on an excursion to Sigulda - one of the most beautiful towns of Latvia, where they visited Sigulda castle, the bobsleigh track and the Gutman’s  cave - the widest and highest cave in the Baltic countries located on the Gauja River in the Gauja National Park.

Detailed information regarding the project, its objectives and outcomes can be found on the official project webpage

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



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