News>The results of the 1st part of the tournament “Learn English” are available!

The results of the 1st part of the tournament “Learn English” are available! (0)

7th October, there was an opportunity for each student of Turiba University to participate in the 1st part of the”Learn English” tournament in the information system BATIS. We want to thank each and every one who devoted the time to participate in it. 

The results have been calculated and here are the results of the 1st part. We congratulate the 30 best participants to enter the 2nd part of the “Learn English” tournament:

Kārlis Apalups
Jiri Bajza
Luīze Beča
Lizaveta Bulava
Nastassia Chubryk
Daria Dontsova
Roberts Eglītis
Marco Ferrara
Aija Freiberga
Aneta Havlickova
Anda Ivanova
Edvards Viesturs Jermušs
Laura Kalniņa
Signe Kirilova
Matīss Kļaviņš
Alvils Ermīns Maļinovskis
Mārtiņš Markēvičs
Narmin Nazirova
Nika Nikolajeva
Laura Pavlova
Luīze Baiba Pirro
Jūlija Pouha
Renāte Ribaka
Uldis Rutka
Evija Sarapova
Signe Sēne
Ingus Vabiščevičs
Nauris Zdanovskis
Sintija Ziemele
Kristīne Ziļicka

If you see your name in the list, then you have to prepare a 5 minute long speech of the following topics, so you can participate in the 2nd part of the tournament:

  • European values – cultural, linguistic diversity and nature 
  • Tourism as a leading force for regional development
  • New business concepts as a basis for competitiveness
  • Features and Indicators for sustainable economy
  • New approaches and methods of research

The 2nd part of the “Learn English” will take place on the 14th October at 15:30 (3:30 pm) at room C304 Start Up Hotel

This is the fourth year for the “Learn English” tournament and the winner of the tournament will receive an TABLET, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place contestants will receive valuable gifts. The main sponsor of the “Learn English” tournament –

We wish you the best of luck!