News>The new issue of the Journal of Turiba University Acta Prosperitatis 6 has been published

The new issue of the Journal of Turiba University Acta Prosperitatis 6 has been published (2)

The twenty-first century has brought many challenges for economies and societies. According to OECD of Education Systems, addressing the human and social consequences of an international financial crisis, meeting development goals, encouraging green growth and responding to climate change, ageing societies and the knowledge economy are the key issues at the centre of international debate nowadays.

 Increased mobility, the world-wide web, and the instant information spread place people in previously unknown contexts and situations which require immediate analysis, decision-making and problem-solving. Traditional approaches to these often seem ineffective and therefore new tools and methods have to be applied. This situation sets new targets for education providers worldwide. The contribution of higher education to jobs and growth, and its international attractiveness, can be enhanced through close, effective links between education, research, and innovation – the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’. This is where the mission of universities demonstrates practical benefit to the society.

The current issue of the Scholarly Journal of Turiba University Acta Prosperitatis is the sixth issue of the Journal. The unifying theme of this multidisciplinary issue is the development of employability skills in compliance with the stakeholders’ needs and it addresses the issues that are significant towards meeting development goals of the society and better employability.

Acta Prosperitatis 6 includes 9 scientific papers (14 authors) from 5 countries (Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Russia) addressing the above-mentioned issues.

The Journal can be accessed online here.




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