News>The new Dean of the faculty of Business Administration will be Zane Driņķe

The new Dean of the faculty of Business Administration will be Zane Driņķe (9)

Zane Driņķe- the MBA, lecturer- has become the Dean of the faculty of Business Administration. 

Zane Driņķe more than ten years has managed trading companies by "Kesko" group, and still she manages financial and strategic activities in trading and logistics business. Zane already more than 15 years is a lecturer in Turiba University, also a member of the board in the Association of Latvian Direct Marketing and the PhD of science management.

Zane Driņķe:" The faculty of Business Administration has strenghtened its position in such scopes as practical business, education and science and certainly has to continue to develop that. It means transfer and connection of teoretical knowledge with practical business. Therefore we have to continue to attract  business practitioners in the study process and also to attract practice places to today's technologies and the labor market. And also- the promotion of international recognition, with what Turiba already can be proud of." 




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