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The most important event in November "Latvia" (3)

November is a very special month for Latvians, because in this month we mark the Latvian Independence Day. We, Turiba University Students’ Council, want to celebrate it together with you!

On Wednesday, 16th of November at 18:00 in club "Četri balti krekli" will be held the Students' Council of Turiba University organized event "Latvia", which aims are to introduce foreign students with the Latvian culture, history and traditions.

During the event visitors will be able to listen to Latvian music, learn the traditional dance and games, and  enjoy Latvian national dishes - gray peas, rye bread, a variety of cheeses, sweets etc.

For festive mood, the club will be decorated with Latvian characters and it will be possible to take photo at a special hand-drawn photo corner.

See you on 16th of November at 18:00!

We look forward for anyone who wants to warm their heart and feel like how it is to be a Latvian!

Supporters of the event: Elvi, Saldais Dzintars, ChocoSpoon, Muhamors, Lina lietas, taada.aada, Katrīnas Modes Nams.



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26.10.2017. 14:52
All the time Turiba University come with interesting news this time they are celebrating the Latvian independence day with the help of student council. They are conducting many programs in the event and I wish all the very best for the students who are taking initiative for this. review

12.10.2017. 11:12
It is very pleasant to realize that, having been so busy with their own problems and affairs, the students of this university are glad to join the organization of celebrations and other important events in the life of the country and the university. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the culture of the country, learn something new and communicate with incredible and successful people.