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The Government Delegates Rights for Turiba University to Grant Doctoral Degree in Management Science (1)

Pursuant to amendments to the government regulations adopted on 5 August, Turiba University in future will have rights to grant doctoral degrees in Management Science.

Law on Scientific Activity states that rights to grant doctoral degree can be delegated to a university if it meets three requirements – an accredited study programme appropriate to branch of the science is being implemented at the university, in the implementation of the programme at least three experts approved by Latvian Council of Science are engaged, and Latvian Council Science has given approval for the university to delegate the right for PhD in the corresponding branch of the science.

Rector of Turiba University Jānis Načisčionis comments: „Any approval of high quality of scientific research is an existence of doctoral programmes. It is a serious announcement to develop research in the fields of studies, in which the University has already gained a considerable experience by implementing lower level study programmes. The aim of the doctoral studies of Turiba University is to prepare a new generation of scientists respective to international level for scientific research and academic work, as well as for scientific and organizational work in public and private institutions. Doctoral studies are an opportunity for everybody to open doors to science – to continue studies purposefully after acquisition of master studies, to explore own competences for conducting scientific research, to engage in managing and implementation of scientific projects, to be ready for academic work in order to become a lecturer in a university, to carry out scientific researches for business development and to create oneself as a personality – a scientist.”

Rector of Turiba University points that currently in Faculty of Business Administration faculty a doctoral study programme Business Administration is being implemented, which is accredited till 26 July 2019. It means that those Ph.D students, who have written their doctoral thesis are provided with the rights to defend the scientific degree.

Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration Dr. oec Vita Zariņa explains: „The delegated doctoral rights are the highest evaluation of our University in terms of scientific and professional activity, academic staff and students’ researches. Now students and lecturers will have an opportunity to participate in international researches, to develop and improve their doctoral traditions and practice, as well as to contribute in further development of science.”

V. Zariņa says that in this year the joint study programme implemented by Daugavpils University and Turiba University – Management Science has been licenced for granting a doctoral degree in Management Science, Administration and Management of the Real Estate. „In this way we can better use our resources: lecturers, guest lecturers, researches. Cooperation with Daugavpils University is a logical step for partnership in other academic processes – exchange of lecturers, joint projects have been implemented already for several years. We have thought also of exchange of lecturers in master studies. ”

Management of the University expresses gratitude to all who have worked in order to achieve this significant aim, as well as have contributed in development of the University.

Turiba University implements four doctoral study programmes – Communication Management, Science of Law, Business Administration and Management Science. As provided by the Cabinet Regulations “Amendments in Cabinet Regulations No 1000 of 27 December” „On Granting the Doctoral Scientific Degree (Ph. D rights) for Universities””, from 3 May 2011 Turiba University has been delegated rights to grant Ph.D or doctoral degree in Communication Science; from 5 August 2014 – rights to grant Ph.D or doctoral degree in Management Science.



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