News>The friendly joint work in Krimulda was very sunny and active

The friendly joint work in Krimulda was very sunny and active (1)

On 9th October students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Communication of the Turiba University had a joint work in  Krimulda, the motherland of Kaupo, to clean up the historic surroundings of the Krimulda Church. Krimulda Church is one of the oldest stone church in Latvia and its surroundings are the territory of the cultural and historical area of the Gauja National Park. As it was arranged the day was sunny and workers with a smile on their faces and big energy cleaned the forest, gathered the leaves, chopped and sawn wood to make the historic place even more beautiful and clean. The friendly joint works are an annual event for students and teaching staff to do good work together and to become more familiar and friendly with each other. And this year it has worked great. The joint work at Krimulda Church this year were already the fourteenth time and this tradition will continue for a long time.

Thank you all for the good work!


* Photos are taken from our students archieve




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Great one!!!!