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The first Diwali festival in Turiba (13)

On Sunday, October 30th, Diwali festival held place in Turiba University organized by the Students' Council of Turiba University and international students.

Diwali is more commonly known as the "festival of light". The most significant spiritual meaning behind it is “the awareness of the inner light”. The festival signifies the triumph of light over darkness, justice over injustice, good over evil and intelligence over ignorance. Diwali is celebrated all over India and now around the world and even in Turiba University.

 The doors for the Turiba's conference hall were open to everyone starting from 18:00 and the festival continued till 22:00.

The event was attended by nearly 200 people, which included not only foreign, but also Latvian students and teachers as well.

Everyone had the opportunity to experience intercultural encounters, enjoy traditional Indian dance, music. Indian students presented their traditional cuisine. In the end of the event everyone enjoyed the fire show with dancers, but the most beautiful and important part was the firework, which is an integral part of every Diwali festival.

Student Council of Turiba University want to say the biggest thank you to the rector Aldis Baumanis, vice-rector for study development and international cooperation Imants Bergs, cultural manager Jānis Vecrinks, technical director Viktors Gorlovs, internal security director  Vilnis Veinbergs, service manager Jolanta Brilte, IT person Agnis Kalnājs, project director and procurator Valdis Rocēns and student canteen "Nīke - E '. And also we want to say big thank you to Jānis Nutovcs from "Petarde LTD" for the magnificent fireworks and fire show.

Thank you also to Indian students whose idea was this festival - Soujanya Bhattacharya, Ankush Balkhande, Nitin Kumar Tirunahari, Yashas GP, Samuel Reed un  Manik Singh.

Thanks to everyone who came and explored an unknown world!



How are the students and teachers planning to celebrate Diwali in Turiba? It is their first Diwali celebration and I guess the students might have planned a great event for all to celebrate. Hope the event is organized properly and they enjoy it.
Very impressive publication here. Moreover as I see, this question is very actual for many people indeed. Personally I totally agree with author opinion about this subject and I think that it would be really interesting to create such discussion with other this website visitors. Anyway thanks a lot one more time for the great and informative publication. And I will definitely be waiting for more such nice posts like this one from you. Kind regards, Peter Rickson.

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04.01.2018. 13:16
Wow… the Turiba University is celebrating this year Diwali and all students are excited to celebrate. It. they don’t know the surprises that the university is going to give to the students. And they have no idea. So celebrate it by exchanging sweets and all.

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29.12.2017. 13:59
I think everyone in the university is quite excited to celebrate the festival as this is the first time the university give permission for such events. What are the major events of the day? Share it if possible.

27.12.2017. 14:17
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17.10.2017. 14:05
Student Council of Turiba University want to say the biggest thank you to the rector Aldis Baumanis


03.10.2017. 08:17
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