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Take part in the Student Survey! (12)

Turiba University invites you to participate in the Student Survey and to express your opinion about the quality of the study process, availability of study materials, technical support and other relevant issues.

Your opinion is important to us!

Use the opportunity to express your opinion about what matters to you! Your opinion can change a lot - estimate and give comments about Turiba University!

The survey is available HERE.



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13.12.2017. 08:44
Hello This is a good idea to get a collective view of the facilities that are provided in the schools. In my opinion, the school should bring in more books for the library. Since there are a number of students, many students issue the books and take it home. This way some are left with no books. Other than this, more extracurricular activities should be involved. Those activities should be focused on learning too. Thanks

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12.12.2017. 08:52
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08.12.2017. 07:45
We must participate in a student survey, it allows students to voice their issues, needs, and desires, giving feedback on how a teacher can change his or her instruction to help them perform better in class.

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08.12.2017. 07:42
For every institute, the most important source of feedback about their educational practice is their students. Good to go.

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08.12.2017. 07:38
What is the response rate of the survey?


08.12.2017. 07:32

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07.12.2017. 16:18
How many people respond to the survey? It seems like a lot of them would really benefit from it

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07.12.2017. 16:16
How many people respond to the survey? It seems like a lot of them would really benefit from it

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07.12.2017. 15:15
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07.12.2017. 14:17
Hi, you people I want to say thank you to the university management for inviting me to the student survey program. I was really shocked when I have first seen your invitation and after coming to know that I am the only one who I got invited from my university really got surprised.

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07.12.2017. 06:10
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