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Swim into session with Poseidon! (0)

An ambitious event organized by the Student Council of Turiba University, which brings together nearly 500 students in one place – Aquapark (Līvu akvaparks). The theme of this year's event - Poseidon swims into session!

May all Poseidon power be with you in exams, but before that - let’s rest and swim together!

See you on March 28th from 6PM-10PM at Aquapark (Līvu akvaparks).

Entrance for Turiba students and graduates – for free.

Get your free ticket in Student Council of Turiba University (C218).

Student Council working hours from Monday to Thursday (12.00-18.00)

Tickets to the Student Council are available from 20.03.

Of course, you can bring your friends from other Universities. Friend's ticket price is 10 €. One Turiba student can buy up to three friends tickets and Turiba graduates - one friend ticket.

Bring a student card (ISIC) or a graduate card with you!

Remember - the number of tickets is limited!