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Study tour and field studies in Sigulda (0)

We students of Tourism Strategic Management Master study programme had an excellent opportunity to move studies from a classroom to a tourism destination. According to the study assignments in the study courses Tourism Strategic Planning and Tourism Strategic Marketing we have to design a tourism development and marketing plan for Sigulda city. Field studies and destination survey are an important stage in the planning process.

We had an opportunity to visit Sigulda on 26th of January. The study tour schedule was well planned and busy. We had a chance to meet and discuss city development with tourism organizers, managers and entrepreneurs. We visited Sigulda Tourism information centre, Hotel Sigulda, the Bobsleigh and Luge track, Fisher Ski Centre, Sigulda City Ski Track, Creative workshop complex and Sigulda Castle.

It was another great study trip for master students. Sigulda is a thrilling adventurous place for tourists, it is a winter destination as well, therefore it was a good possibility to see and evaluate its winter attractions and services.

We were happy to see, that tourists can easily get to Sigulda and find information about everything in English, and that locals are so welcoming and kind to their guests. We would like to come back there again during the springtime and to study this destination in other seasons as well. We will use the results of our visit in the following seminars and further work on Sigulda city tourism development plan.

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