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Students of the Faculty of Tourism go on a study trip (0)

On October 15 a study trip to Ķemeri was organized for students of the Faculty of Tourism to get to know more about their study course “Wellness and SPA Tourism”. They got introduced to historical Latvian resorts and and analyze their development. Here you can read about the impressions of V. Rubcova, a member of the study trip.

V. Rubcova tells: “It was a great day as we went to educational trip to Kemeri resort with friends under the supervision of lecturer Armands Muiznieks. We arrived there in the morning and there was almost no people. On first look, everything was bleak and bare, but breathe taking at the same time. On one side of the station there is an abandoned sanatorium: brick arbors, sources of hydrology, a church, a water tower. The sanatorium itself has just recently been demolished. Kemeri Landscape Park, which was founded in the middle of the XIX century as a romantic landscape park with a network of paths and architectural elements that fit into the natural landscape - pavilions, rotundas, bridges, and artificial channels impressed us a lot. Now this place is empty with some hundreds of inhabitants and can be boring for some people but if you want to escape big crowded cities, to stay face to face with nature, to enjoy beautiful historical architecture, to walk on narrow paths among forest, to watch birds, to find peace in your soul or just refresh your thoughts and mind and many other activities then this place is the best for you! Take your time and choose the longer route, it's much more impressive.”

Kemeri is an oasis of calm and contemplation, it is a part of Jurmala, in Latvia, 44 km from Riga. From 1928 to 1959 Kemeri was a separate town, famous for healing mud baths and luxurious hotels. It is very easily accessible if you’re based in Riga - it takes only 40 minutes by train from Riga to get there. On other side of station, it’s very beautiful trail with a wooden path and it's surrounded by a lot of various swamp plants, little trees and different kinds of birds. After trip students are refreshed, fulfilled with fresh air, exhaust of long distances, but very happy. Students recommend this peaceful and quite place to visit for everyone.