News>Students of the Faculty of Communication visit the publishing house "Santa"

Students of the Faculty of Communication visit the publishing house "Santa" (9)

First year students of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University went to the publishing house "Santa" on 17th November, where they found out how the magazine "Klubs" is made. Students were able to find out various interesting facts about the creation of magazine covers and selection of articles. Andris Petersons, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication of university, also shared his exciting and rich experiences as he has been involved in journalism for several years. 

Pictures from the archive of Diana Tunte.




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I suppose that their surprise go to to the publishing house may've been certainly encouraging for them. I sense so correct just to see those guys having a exceptional time there. that is, it is judged from the pics most effective.
I suppose that their surprise visit to the publishing house might've been really encouraging for them. I feel so good just to see these guys having a wonderful time there. That is, it's judged from the photographs only.