News>Students of Faculty of International Tourism Visited Dress Rehearsal of the Semi-final of Supernova 2016

Students of Faculty of International Tourism Visited Dress Rehearsal of the Semi-final of Supernova 2016 (16)


On 21 February 1st and 2nd year students of the study programme „Event and Leisure Management” (event production) of Turiba University visited Latvian Television to watch the dress rehearsal of the semi-final of Supernova2016.

Rehearsal started just 3 hours before live broadcast and there was a little tension among participants and organizers, however, organizers were very responsive and gave comments about what is happening. This was a great opportunity for students to observe work of professionals by following organization of the competition from sheet of paper to screen.

Comments were given by several professionals – representative of company NA Normunds Bļasāns answered questions about event lighting, the right choice of light, visual decoration of performance, as well as about lighting fixtures made by NA, which are used in the Oscar, Grammy Awards ceremonies, concerts of Metallica, Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm) and other famous artists. Producer Ilze Jansone commented on scenario creation, emotional sides of organization, cooperation with artists. Students found out how Latvian representatives are being prepared for international song contest Eurovision, about image, creation of visual aspects of performance, cooperation with organizers of correspondent year of Eurovision, teamwork and final result.

During rehearsal there was a great opportunity to see how professionals react to sudden changes, technical problems, how fast and in what way they are being solved.

There was also an opportunity for students to look into movable television station, to acquaint themselves with specific work and equipment. Professionals draw attention to the fact that 11 cameras are used, though students with the help of lecturers could count only 5 cameras! Accuracy in seconds, correct camera switching, attention and coordination – it is a huge work, which is not seen at screens.

Students say big thanks to representative of concert agency FBI, Turiba lecturer Brigita Rozenbrika for given opportunity to be behind the scenes, to hear explanations from professionals, to shake hands and wish good luck for semi-finalists!



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