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Students educational tour to GETLINI EKO (0)

On October 21, students from the Faculty of International Tourism went to educational tour to GETLINI EKO. Monday usually is a hard day of the week, but not this Monday! Students from Turiba university started their morning with trip to Getlini EKO company which is located in Rumbula. This educational excursion was organized by professor Margarita Platace. 

Getlini ecological landfill is one of the largest waste recycling companies in Baltic states. This company accept waste from Riga and sub-Riga municipalities. Getlini EKO received around 300 000 T of waste in 2018. This company recycle only non-toxic waste, discovering it with radiation gates. Firstly, this is one of the developed modern ecological friendly factories which equipped with latest technologies and machines, which divide, sort and recycle household and construction waste. This company also produces its own electricity – 31GWH in 2018, its own greenhouse with tomato and cucumber plants - 23 890 pcs and its own heat 24 GWH in 2018. Getlini EKO stands as an educational place, where students and pupils can learn about another life of the waste.

One of the policies of this company is to carry out continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system, ensuring increase of its efficiency as well as control and, where possible, reduction of environmental pollution. Behind of this policy there are many important key words which human being must follow.

Getlini company is a good example how we fight and cope household waste turning them into useful resources which used in daily life, but to pass whole cycle it needed a lot of efforts, technologies and work. So, it would be better to prevent this cycle from the beginning, by educating people of all ages, not to buy unnecessary things, so there is less waste, to have special garbage boxes for different types of waste, so to sort them out, making recycling process easier to be responsible for companies. First, we have to start to care about environment from ourselves.

Student Abbos Khidiraliev say: „This trip was educational to each of us, seeing materials what we learned in CSR lessons in real life. It helped to understand and made us closer to protect our environment and prevent our planet from pollution so it will last for the next day and next generation.”