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Students' Council invites: Event for International Students "Get to know Latvia!" (2)

Latvia is celebrating its 95th anniversary this year. In order to let our foreign students get to know Latvia, its culture and traditions better, Turiba University Student Council is organizing an event called “Latvia”.

The event promises to be quite interesting, because students will be introduced to all the things we Latvians, already know so well, through a variety of activities.

Foreign students will be given the opportunity to taste a few classic Latvian dish and snacks, as well as there will be shown different Latvian craftsmen performances. Also a variety of traditional and maybe not so traditional games will be played, in order for the event to be on a fun filled track.

Get to know the country you are calling you temporary home better on 14th November at 18:00 at club „Četri balti krekli” (Vecpilsētas iela 12)!

Arrival till 17:50.
And don’t forget to take your student ID cards with you (ISIC card)!




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