News>Students are invited to participate in Turiba University Practical Scientific Conference

Students are invited to participate in Turiba University Practical Scientific Conference (6)

On May 18th, 2017

Turiba University

Practical Scientific Conference 

"Communication in the global village: interests and influences" 

We are inviting everyone to share experience, the results of the research, knowledge, presenting a research or a project.  All the participants will receive certificates and representative prizes. The author of the best work will receive a prize – acknowledgment award from the University of Turiba Students’ Council with a money prize (150 EUR).

Presenting the research:

In the introduction including:

  • The research topicality
  • The problem of the research
  • The novelty of the research
  • The aim of the research
  • The research methods

In the main part including:

  • An overview of the previous researches and theoretical sources
  • Analysis and interpretation of empirical data

In the conclusion including:

  • The resulting findings from the research
  • Recommendations from the research

Presenting the project:

  • Analysis of the problem and the importance of the problem
  • The idea behind the project and its originality
  • The objective of the project
  • The implemented activities and their compliance with the objectives of the project
  • Implementation process of the project that describes the planning and management
  • Reached measurable results.

Report up to 7 pages (20,000 characters). Parameters for the text are available here.

Language for the student presentations at the conference - Latvian and English. Presentation – 7 min.

Apply till May 1st, 2017




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