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Students are invited to meet the Latvian culture (2)

You are welcome to participate in an International Concert where non Latvians will perform – sing, dance, tell jokes, read poems - in Latvian language. The Concert will be held on February 24 at 12 p.m. at NVO Nams in Riga.

Aim of the event is bringing foreigners, immigrants who are living in Latvia together under Latvian language in order to promote the language. Therefore this event is called "Kopā ar latviešu valodu latviešu valodā". 15 countries will execute 15 performances.

You are welcome to participate in the concert and enjoy Latvian culture. You can sing a song or read a poetry, language of performance must be Latvian.

To apply, write your name, surname, age, country, nationality and the format (song or poetry) to (for information call 22131303).

Please apply for Concert till January 13. 

The Concert is organized by Dialogu Nams and Valsts Valodu centrs.



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