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Students are Invited to Attend a Lecture on Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette (0)

On October 14 from 2.30 p.m. till 4 p.m. in room C208 there will be a lecture on diplomatic protocol and etiquette delivered by former parliamentarian of Saeima and ambassador of Latvia in Estonia Maris Zvaigzne (Māris Zvaigzne).

The lecture will be delivered within the study course “Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette”. This time the lecturer will be the guest of the group of English-speaking students, therefore the lecture will be delivered in English. 

Everyone is invited to attend the guest lecture “Diplomatic Protocol”; however, the lecture of Maris Zvaigzne will be of special importance to the 2nd year students for whom the course partially will cover the study content in the next term.

The aim of the lecture is to facilitate the insight into the main issues of protocol and etiquette, the application of basic principles in communication, in the international and mutual relations, in the professional environment, for the organization of events, as well as in everyday life situations. People are still initially evaluating each other according to their appearance. If it is essential to develop harmonious communication, then you shall observe the principles and regulations – both written and unwritten.

Observation of conduct norms helps us to achieve the desirable goals, makes others to listen to us, to notice our personalities, character and abilities. The rules of etiquette are society’s voluntary, unwritten agreement on conduct and a dress code in particular situations.