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Strength day in Turiba! (8)

We are all young and beautiful, but how physically prepared are we?

Everyone will have the chance to test it at Strength day in Turiba.

This year, the Student Council of Turiba University wants to see which men and which women are the strongest around the school.

Each will be able to prove their strength on Wednesday, 12 October at 16:00, drawing strength from the university's fountain.

Strength Day is to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as to focus on physical activity. This event will be based on street workout basics and you will have the chance to watch the street workout demonstrations.

Process of the event: men will be able to participate in the pulling up competition, while the women will be able to prove their strength while holding on the pull-up bar. All results will be written down and the best three men and women category will be rewarded.

Are you ready to show to yourself and to others that you are stronger than you look? Come and take part in this event!

The event is supported by: Simplify, Red Bull, Cinamon, Powerbalance, Autoskola Eksperts, Četri balti krekli, Rīgas Dzirnavnieks, Herkuless, Armanda Lauku jātnieku klubs, iBolit’s, Sporta punkts un Isostar!