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Seven Turiba University Honorary Titles conferred at the annual award ceremony (0)

Yesterday, 16th May, the fifth award ceremony - Turiba University Honorary Title Awards “Freedom, Entrepreneurship, Competence” was held at Turiba University and seven honorary titles were conferred to Turiba students, alumni, professors and persons who have contributed through their activities in achieving the goals of the University.

The event began with a musical composition by the Latvian countertenor Sergejs Jēgers followed by well-known musical compositions by the Eurovision contestant Justs Sirmais. The honorary titles were conferred upon by the academic personnel and management of Turiba University. Songs, smiles, applause, true joy and a positive atmosphere marked the solemn, beautiful and memorable Turiba University Annual Awards for 2019.

The recipients of the Honorary titles for 2019:

-   Turiba University HONORARY DOCTOR - Egils Levits (Member of the European Court of Justice);

-   Turiba University HONORARY PROFESSOR;- Rosita Zvirgzdiņa (Head of the Department of Commerce at Turiba University, professor);

-   Turiba University HONORARY ALUMNUS in public administration - Raivis Kronbergs (State Secretary, Ministry of Justice);

-   Turiba University HONORARY ALUMNUS in entrepreneurship - Jānis Baumanis (Chairperson of the Board, SIA “North Commodity”; Board Member, SIA “Timberex Group” ; FIA World Rally Championship contestant);

-   Turiba University HONORARY ALUMNUS in culture and entertainment - Miķelis Visockis (Event manager, Creative Director of “Sigulda Adventures”);

-   Turiba University HONORARY ALUMNUS in communication - Linda Vilmansone – Virbule (Recipe author and food stylist)

-   Turiba University HONORARY STUDENT- Gleb Satanevskii (3rd year student, Faculty of International Tourism, Turiba University).

Graduates of Turiba University, faculty members and members of the Faculty Council, Councillors of the Convention, cooperation partners, representatives of professional and employers' organizations had the opportunity to suggest candidates for the honorary title and the academic staff and students of Turiba had the right to choose nominees from among the candidates suggested. The Honorary title recipients were finally chosen from among the nominees by an Honorary Commission, approved by the Senate.

The Turiba University Honorary Titles are a lifelong achievement award and testify the gratitude and acknowledgement of Turiba University for their efforts and contribution.