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Report about studytrip to Daugavpils (3)

Students of the Faculty of International Tourism master’s study program Strategic Tourism Management had a studytrip to Daugavpils and Kraslava regions on November 13th and 14th. The main purpose of it was to make a research of locality, gain experience of professionals working in the region, to know the experts' opinion about sustainiable promotion of protected area “Augšdaugava” and then write a study paper with theirs vision on these area with suggestions about developing and promotional it.

The journey allowed to consider the region from different angles and hear opinions on the tourism state from representatives of tourism development leaders of Daugavpils and Krāslava regions, including manager of Daugavpils TIC, Ms. Lolita Kozlovska, Head of Daugavpils City Municipality planning department Ms. Olga Lukaševica, director of Daugavpils Tourism and Culture Agency Mr. Rolands Gradovskis, anager of Krāslava TIC, Ms. Inta Lipšāne, Project Coordinator of Krāslava regional entrepreneurship development department Ms. Inta Murāne, Environment Protection Authority representative Ms. Irēna Muskare and horse-farm Klajumi director Ms. Ilze Stabulniece.

At the meeting in Daugavpils the situation at the moment was explained to the students, the challenges faced by predprenimateli, as the locals refer to the fact that the program will be created for the promotion of the region, from the existence of any plans, also they said about necessity of cooperation the government and enterpreneurs. Both local and international students were actively involved in the whole process of the meeting, asked questions in order to better understanding of the difficulties connected with the place and maybe to touch up on the idea of solving them.

The next day, students were shown the sights of this region, such as Adam's trail, the watching tower, etc. Then they had a meeting with the project coordinator of Krāslava regional entrepreneurship development department Ms. Inta Murāne. She told them about promotion strategy, that they had it, they know how to make these area more attractive to tourists, also she told about target market of area, in 2014 it was a family with children.  

The dinner was organized by local students, they agreed about it with owner of guest house Skerškāni Mr. Jānis Skerškāns. In addition to dinner, the students had a tour of this guest house, shewed the apartments of it. After lunch, the students listened to the story of Environment Protection Authority representative Ms. Irēna Muscari, she said that its necessary to develop the region, but to save nature in its original form.

And finish the trip a visit to a local businessman, owner of the horse farm. They spoke about how they to start this business, the difficulties they faced, in what organizations they belong and how its to help them. Also, they mentioned about the fact that despite the fact that the tourist season was closed, their season is open year round.

Study trip is organized within the framework of annual master student research project and effected within study courses International Tourism Business Environment, Strategic Tourism Marketing and Tourism Planning.

In conclusion we can say that a lot of information was received about the “Augšdaugava” region, problems associated with this place were identified, which is good, because students will be able to attempt to find solutions.