News>Published the List of Participants for Second Round in the Competition "20 000 EUR for Turiba student"

Published the List of Participants for Second Round in the Competition "20 000 EUR for Turiba student" (8)

We publish the list of participants for second round in the competition "20 000 EUR for Turiba student". In total, there are 29 participants qualified for the second round.



Participant No.2

Participant No.3

Participant No.4

Participant No.5

Participant No.6

Participant No.7

Participant No.8

Participant No.9

Participant No.10

Participant No.11

Participant No.12

Participant No.13

Participant No.14

Participant No.15

Participant No.16

Participant No.17

Participant No.18

Participant No.19

Participant No.20

Participant No.21

Participant No.22

Participant No.23

Participant No.24

Participant No.26

Participant No.27

Participant No.28

Participant No.29

Participant No.30

Participant No.31

According to the Regulation of the competition "20 000 EUR for Turiba student" all the participating ideas qualified for second round will be published on June 16, 2014 on for the public voting.

Public voting will be finished on June 22, 2014.

After gathering the results of public voting 15 participating ideas which received largest amount of votes will be nominated for the third round - the final. In case of several ideas having equal amount of votes privileged will be the idea with the smaller participation No.




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