News>NORDPLUS intensive courses in mediation take place at Turiba University

NORDPLUS intensive courses in mediation take place at Turiba University (23)

NORDPLUS intensive courses - "Mediation - civil and criminal law cases" take place at Turiba University from 18th July till 29th July, which are organized by Turiba University(Latvia), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) and Turku Economics and business Administration School (Finland).

Dana Rone, the Attorney at Law, Mediator and lecturer at Turiba University, says: “During the proceedings, mediation becomes more popular because judges recommend that parties themselves should try to resolve disputes in a mutually acceptable manner. Mediators have skills to promote parties' negotiations and to move towards a solution out of court. Popularity of mediation also means that members of the society are willing to take responsibility for their own issues without waiting for third parties, including judicial intervention. Mediation is both for courts and arbitrations an alternative dispute resolution type that relieves pressure from  national courts, as well as the method by which the parties reach a settlement of disputes and as far as possible keep a respectful relationship.”

The main aims of intensive courses:

- To bring together students and academic forces from several countries to create an international network of professionals who are interested in mediation possibilities and application of that;

-  To provide the opportunity to students to learn in a multicultural environment, developing their communication skills and ability to work in a team;

- To  organize theoretical lectures, as well as creative sessions with role-playing games, and the opportunity to meet with professional mediators.

In the courses take part  Bachelor's and Master's study program’s students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finnland.

The project is implemented with Nordplus higher education program’s support.  Project No. NPHE-2016-10071.




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09.02.2018. 08:40
This is a great opportunity for all the interested students to know about the courses and getting an admission for the same. Such courses will be ideal for building a career on the social welfare field and can offer some good advantages in the future.
From your post. I came to know about the intensive courses in mediation which is going to take place at turiba university. While hearing about these courses, I got interested to join for this so please provide the further procedures.

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I appreciate the people who worked on this program. I think it’s a dream come true event for all of us as we all waiting for this day. Thank you so much all for all the support.


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Intervention courses are the perfect arrangement in view of many reasons. It makes a feeling of solace among the understudies by making them mindful about the need of the same. Great to see that the specialists are attempting to help the understudies in this kind of issues also.

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21.07.2017. 12:24
Really promising project,people!

21.07.2017. 11:34
Really promising project,people!

02.07.2017. 18:09
Nice courses . It is the perfect combination to bring together students and teachers and especially from all over the world

02.07.2017. 18:06
Nice courses . It is the perfect combination to bring together students and teachers and especially from all over the world

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28.06.2017. 13:44
Mediation courses are the ideal solution because of many reasons. It helps to create a sense of comfort among the students by making them aware about the need of the same. Good to see that the authorities are trying to help the students in this sort of issues as well.

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