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New Sp Formats International is here! (7)

This time we have prepared you articles about Valentine`s day, charity campaign, new board of Students` Council and, in belief that snow will return, some tips on activities in the snow.

Also, we have great interviews with the newly elected President of Students` Council.

Enjoy it!




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28.07.2017. 10:22
Thanks for the information
Your site always come up with new information and features. The interview with the president of the student's council is very nice and I like the talk of this new president. He introduced new laws and I wish all the very best for him.

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23.06.2017. 14:24
I have watched the video that you have shared here and got some information about charity campaign, the new board of Students Council and all. If possible please upload the downloadable document here. Thanks for the share.
It’s very excellent information and more real facts to provided that post.Thank you for sharing this information.

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