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New Interactive Language Learning Course for Tourism Professionals, Students and Other Interested Persons is Being Created (1)

The Language Department of Turiba University is participating in an international Erasmus+ project „Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: “Unity in diversity in the EU labour market” in cooperation with nine partners: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Great Britain and Lithuania.

The project aims at creating an interactive blended learning language course „Unity in Diversity” comprising on-line learning materials available on the Moodle Learning platform and face-to-face interactive materials incorporating case studies, games, problem-solving tasks, videos, etc. targeted at developing the learners’ language, intercultural and digital competence, creativity, problem-solving skills and flexibility.

Currently work has begun at A1 language learning course in 16 languages containing such modules as “Welcome”, “Hotel”, “Restaurant”, “Professional skills”.

The project outcomes will be beneficial to different education institutions, tourism and hospitality industry employees and anyone wishing to raise their intercultural language competence.

Each module consists of 4 parts, formed by 3 online sub-modules, interactive games, Face-to-face tasks as well as a list of additional literature and on-line learning materials for self-studies available.  Each online module suggests 5 different parts with several tasks included.

Example: Module “Welcome”

The expected outputs: introducing oneself; welcoming guests in different settings and situations.

Online learning sub-modules:

1. “Welcome to our hotel”

2. “Welcome to our restaurant”

3. “Welcome to Tourist Information Centre”

Each of the sub-modules forms five parts with several tasks:

1. A warm-up task created to enrich the learner’s vocabulary, for example, find an appropriate synonym to the given word, or an explanation, etc.

2. Reading Comprehension - a simple text with tasks added, for example, mark if the statement is True or False; enrich the vocabulary, etc.

3. Grammar: tenses, the use of an article, the degrees of comparison of an adjective, prepositions, etc.

4. Video / audio episodes, for example, a situation when a receptionist greets a hotel guest, with one or two tasks added: mark if the statement is True or False; a gap fill task; answer the questions, etc.

5. Writing part – a guided written work, for example, write a dialogue between two visitors while they are waiting for a meal.

The interactive games offer a series of different games (crossword puzzles, “Hangman”, “Millionaire”, etc.), where the vocabulary of the unit has to be used.

Face-to-face tasks offer role plays, giving presentations as well as making questions to the topics: “Welcome to our hotel”, “Welcome to our restaurant”, “Welcome to Tourist Information Centre”.

Additional learning material: online dictionaries, language learning material produced online, course books for language learning, grammar suitable for the topic, etc.

The work at creating A1 language learning course will last till November 2017. However, in January 2018 the course piloting will begin.

More information is available on the project webpage:

At the same time everybody is welcomed to use the language learning material, created in the EU Erasmus+ project “Key Skills for the EU Hotel Staff” for acquiring levels A2/B1 that are available in 12 European languages. In addition, the learning materials for English level C1 are available as well. The materials are available to all who are interested. Registration for free:

Anda Komarovska
Turiba University,
Lecturer at Language department,
Project participant

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.  This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.




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