News>Master's graduates of Turiba University present the development strategy of “Augšdaugava”

Master's graduates of Turiba University present the development strategy of “Augšdaugava” (1)

On Saturday, 4th February, with giving the final documents of the "Tourism Development Strategy of Augšdaugava" to Diana Timosenko- the representative of municipality’s agency "TAKA" of district of Daugavpils, and to Inta Lipsane- the representative of the Tourism Information Centre of district of Kraslava, has ended the research which lasted year and a half. The aim of the research was to develop a strategy of tourism development for Protected Landscape Area "Augšdaugava".

This strategy is a collaborative project between Turiba University, municipality’s agency "TAKA" of district of Daugavpils and the Tourism Information Centre of district of Kraslava, which is also supported by Environmental Protection Agency and the local entrepreneurs. The authors of the developed strategy are graduates of the International Tourism Faculty’s study program “Strategic Management of Tourism” in a collaboration with teaching stuff and Tourism Research Centre. Continuing the successful practice of the previous years the strategy is the end result of practical tasks of the courses  "International Tourism Environment", "Tourism Strategic Planning" and "Tourism marketing strategies". Should be stressed the investment of Katrina Serzante, the graduate of the Faculty of International Tourism, in the process of making the the final version of the strategy.

In the process of making the strategy were attracted foreign students as well as promoted the cooperation in the industry of Latvia’s tourism

Before giving the strategy to representatives of municipalities there was a discussion between the authors of the strategy, Master’s students of the Faculty of International Tourism, other students and university’s lecturers. As Eriks Lingeberzins, Manager of Tourism Research Centre, recognized- making this strategy has been particularly interesting and exciting event and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, for the first time foreign students were attracted, which made it possible to look at everything a little differently promoting creative ideas and approaches. Secondly, choosing Augšdaugava as a destination it was knowinlgy chosen the most complicated path, which foresaw the cooperation between two municipalities at the same time, thus showing the importance and actual issues of cooperation in the industry of Latvian tourism. Despite the challenges which were during the development of the strategy, all parties expressed satisfaction with the obtained document and reported results in it.

Protected areas are not obstacles for the development of tourism

However, the strategy foresees tourism development in protected natural areas, as one of the main conclusions about which were widely discussed is that protected areas are not obstacles to the development of tourism and Augšdaugava’s natural objects are ideal for tourism. What is more, it was stressed that tourism can be as a momentum for the development of the region promoting the employment of local people and involvement in the tourism industry. One of the main tasks for municipalities is work with local people and entrepreneurs promoting their interest and involvement in tourism. Participants of the discussion recognized that Augšdaugava as a tourism destination is a new and relatively little-known place, but it has all the prerequisites for becoming an essential tourism destination in a long term for both domestic and international tourists who are looking for binding offers for outdoor recreation and new cultural and historical experiences.

At the end the manager of Tourism Research Centre expressed the hope that the next research wich was started in last year- Tourism development strategy of Selia, after one year will perfectly complement this strategy.



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