News>Jana Bunkus becomes the Director of the Study Programme “Management of International Communication”

Jana Bunkus becomes the Director of the Study Programme “Management of International Communication” (0)

Jana Bunkus, Head of Communication Department and adviser on public relations at the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, will become the Director of the Bachelor Study Programme “Management of International Communication”.

“Nowadays communication is no longer limited by time, technologies or geography. The age has come, when we, human beings, are behind the speed by which communication travels around the world. And that’s just normal – the advanced technologies have turned us into the most modern human beings in the history of mankind. People have no more time to spend hours, while waiting planes at the airports – they must communicate promptly, and modern possibilities provide them with such excellent opportunities,” emphasizes Jana Bunkus.

She adds: “Today we have that wonderful possibility to switch on the modern technologies and to communicate with people even from very far away countries – people have never been so close to each other than now. The age has ended, when we could position our organization or company only within the border of Latvia, even if the service or goods are available only in our country. An organization or a company shall be presented in the international environment as a brand, not only a manufacturer of goods and provider of services. The brand is our reputation, and vice versa. Therefore communication in the international arena is no longer an initiative of luxury, but a daily necessity. A wonderful daily necessity that one shall master to manage and organize. Turība University study programme “Management of International Communication” is an excellent start and basis for that!”

Programme “Management of International Communication” is an opportunity to acquire how to manage communication in the global public space and to perfect foreign language skills. Within the framework of study programme it is possible to master also the principles of public administration, etiquette and protocol, and presentation skills. It is possible to choose one of the specializations – “Sports Projects” or “Projects of Alternative Marketing” – or to study without any specialization.

Jana Bunkus is an expert of communication who has worked as a public relations specialist at a local government for more than a decade; she has worked for five years as the Head of Communication Department at the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, where there is also the Corporation of Public Relations Specialists of the Latvian Local and Regional Governments. The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments has also its agency – an office – in Brussels. Jana Bunkus is also a member of the Latvian Association of Public Relations Specialists; she has been a Member of the Board of this organization. She enjoys taking part in the qualification commissions of Turība University and delivers lectures on crisis communication and brand management, as well as on the communication of integrated marketing. She also acts as a reviewer at other higher education institutions.