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Invite to Opening Session (8)

Turiba University invites to the Opening session for first year students (all levels – bachelor, master, doctoral studies). The Opening session will take place on 25.09. at 10:00 in building C Room 321.

Registration for the meeting starts at 9:30. Please be there in time for registration. You will need to register and receive your study materials before opening at 10:00.

You will receive your personalised password and login for intranet system BATIS, where you will be able to see your schedule and later - academic progress.

During this meeting you will hear presentations about Turiba University, study issues, immigration issues, rules and other important information.

This will be time to answer all your questions, as well as you will get informed about next social and free time events organised by the Students’ Council.

9:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome speech

Aldis Baumanis, Chairman of the Board

Ivars Namatēvs, Vice-Rector in Acadamic and Scientific Field

Welcome speech

Kristīne Tihanova, Deputy Head of International Office

Jānis Gavars, The President of the Students’ Council
10:30 Group photo

Dean's lecture:

  • For Faculty of Communication  students’ – Room C 323;
  • For Business Administration Faculty students’ – Room C322;
  • For International Tourism Faculty students – Room C321.

Introduction to Turiba University, administrative issues

Kristīne Tihanova, Deputy Head of International Office

All faculties together in Room C321

Excursion in Turiba organised by Students’ Council representatives and presentation How to use BATIS – Turiba Intranet system (room A405)

Students’ Council representatives

meeting at 12:00 near main entrance in building C



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The registration is going to take place in Room C321.


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