News>International Summer School "City as sustainable tourism destination" has ended

International Summer School "City as sustainable tourism destination" has ended (33)

On 12 May at Turiba University ended the International Summer School - City as sustainable tourism destination. The theme of the summer school was Riga - its society, nature and culture, which provided students with the knowledge and practical skills about the development of the urban environment, the creation of its image, tourism, and also allowed to inspire and share their ideas.

The International Summer School took place from 31st July to August 12, and it was attended by 10 students from around the world - Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Italy, France, South Korea, Germany and Mexico. The program of summer school  was organized in four main blocks, taking into account the resource groups involved in the sustainable development of Riga City and the most important factors:

1)Riga, and its urban environment (architecture, infrastructure, etc.); 2)Latvian cultural history, which determines responsibility for the past and understanding of the forms  of development of life environment; 3)Latvian Culture and Cultural Environment; 4)Natural environment as an essential element of the city.

The project manager  Kristine Tihanova: "One of the goals of the summer school was not only to provide students with knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable tourism planning, but also to show and introduce with Latvia, its culture, language, people, traditions and values. This goal was definitely achieved as all young people admitted that during summer school they got to know Latvia and completely changed their image about this country and people. The young people emphasized that they were surprised by the nature of Latvia, its diversity and beauty. Young people have been positively surprised by the kindness and openness of people when they get to know Latvians more closely. All participants confirmed that Latvia is the place where they would like to come back once more and would recommend to their friends and families to visit Latvia. "

Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Agita Donina: "Students come from very different countries. Everyone has their own baggage, their own experience and knowledge. Summer schools are very popular all over the world, and our own Latvian students are beginning to appreciate these schools. This is a good time that can be used in summer when there is no active period of study ".

Mustafa - a student from Turkey: "I study geography in Master’s program at the university. This is a great opportunity for me to attend this summer school, because I can get other knowledge about architecture, marketing. We are divided into two groups here, and we need to develop a sustainable development project for one specific place in Riga. We are working on this project ".

During the whole summer school parallel with lectures and work in audience, students also conduct a practical study in groups, studying and analyzing various districts of Riga, its problems and development perspectives. Students receive 3 ECTS for attending the summer school.

Turiba University implements this project through state scholarships awarded by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).



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