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International summer school 2017 Perception of Public Interests: Communicating to Persuade (4)

International summer school SCCL (Strategic communication competencies for leadership) at Turiba University ended on 19th May. This summer school was attended by students from more than 20 countries and by professors from the University of Uppsala in Sweden, Estonian Business University, Vilnius University in Lithuania, the University of Tartu in Estonia and Turiba University, as well as practitioners of the Latvian Association professionals of public relations.

International Summer School SCCL with the fund Nordplus funding support takes place for the second year. And it is organized by Vilnius University, Turiba University, the Estonian Business University  and Uppsala University. This year to the International Summer school SCCL joined also the University of Tartu.

This year from 14th till 19th May the International Summer school 2017 Perception of Public Interests: communicating to Persuade was held in Latvia, at Turiba University. Last year the Summer School was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, but next year as it is planned  the summer school will be held at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where also students from the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University will be able to go.

At the International Summer School five universities were represented, where studies young people from all over the world. This year the Summer School were attended by students from Finland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Albania, India, Canada, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

The program of the Summer School was dedicated to the research of public interests and convincing communication in the public interests, and to seperation of propaganda and manipulation from ethical communication.

At Summer School took were the Prodean Dr. Renate Matkeviciene of the Faculty of Communication of the Vilnius University, associate professor Dr. Greg Simons from Uppsala University, associate professor Mari Koskora from Estonian Business University and the Dean of the Faculty of Communication- Dr. Andris Petersons from Turiba University.

Students of Summer school were able to participate in the international scientific conference "Communication in the global village: interests and influences" which was held on 18th May at Turiba University.

"International Summer School is an example of high quality productive cooperation when Latvia’s leading private higher education institution may cooperate with business higher education institutions such as Estonian Business University, as well as the tradition-rich academic universities like the University of Tartu, Uppsala University and Vilnius University. Thanks to Nordplus funding and support from the Latvian communication and public relations practitioners - Latvian Association Public Relations Professionals (LASAP), Chairman of the Board- Kristine Tjarve and manager of "Maxima Latvia" corporate relations Ivars Svilans who led lectures and assessed students' practical works, as well as "Latvian television " Chairman of the Board Ivars Belte, communication director Dace Jansone and the European Commission representation in Latvia, who hosted students at their educational trips",  his view about Summer School says Andris Petersons- the Dean of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University. 

Students were pleased with the opportunity to meet with industry’s practitioners and discuss important issues in society. There were a lot of joy and laughter, the evening of  national food and joint work, the atmosphere was free, friendly and at the same time scientific, creative, because students had to make a lot of practical work.

"Summer School was very interesting, it was a lovely to study in Latvia for one week,  because I am here for the first time. I loved Riga, and it was nice to meet people from different countries. Summer School is a very big and rich experience for me", says Marika Makalivej- student from Sweden.

"I liked the team building events, as well as those moments we spent together after the summer school, meaningful, deep conversations that were very valuable. I would recommend other students to take part in such activities, since this is an environment where you can meet students from different cultures, different schools, which brings a different views, different perspectives, opinions that enriches you. I certainly have gained new knowledge and experience. My interests are related to environmental communication, so the laboratory for environmental and cultural areas got me the most ", commented summer school’s student from the University of Lithuania-  Sara Helen.

Students at Summer School got Turiba University’s six ECTS credit pionts, which they can use in their study programs.




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