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International scientific conference "Communication in the global village: interests and influences" (18)

On 18th May in premises of Turiba University will take place the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Communication in the global village:  interests and influences", in which students and scientists will have the opportunity not only to present their researches, but also get knowledge from a variety of experienced international professionals of industry and discuss the current issues at stake.

Annual International Scientific Conference always has gathered a wide circle of interested parties – representatives of specific industry, students and other interested people. Each year the conference is organized by one of the university’s faculties and this year this work is put into hands of Faculty of Communication of Turiba University.

In the conference will take part international experts such as Brian Reber from the University of Georgia (USA) and Klaus Beck from the Free University of Berlin (Germany). During the conference their scientific researches will present not only scientists, but also students from different universities. Any student who will take part with his research in the conference section of students will be able to qualify for an award of 150 euros, which will receive the author of the best research.

In the second part of the conference anyone interested will be able to participate in the three problem laboratories in which together with professional of the industry  and some well-known person in the society will discuss about some actual and specific problem in Latvia at the moment. There will be three problem laboratories: Business and political laboratory, where the main subjects of the discussion will be about digital business future, manipulation, lies in the political debate. Other one will be Legislative and media laboratory in which will discuss the limiting municipal media and confidentiality borders. And the third one will be Culture and Environment Laboratory in which will discuss the protection of the environment and globalization.

To attend conference are welcomed specialists of the communication industry, as well as other interested people filling in an application form.

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Annual International Scientific Conference always has gathered a wide circle of interested parties – representatives of specific industry, students and other interested people.


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