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From 2nd till 5th August 2017 with the support of  Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Turiba University in Latvia will take place the International Political Marketing Forum.

In the forum will participate 50 scientists and practitioners from all around the world representing countries such as the USA, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, etc. The forum's main event will be a conference and debate organized by the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University, which will be held on 3rd August at the premises of university (Graudu Street 68, Riga).

Among the participants will be the internationally recognized practitioners as Professor Bruce Newman from the US, who has been a consultant of presidential election and in the forum he will speak about his research on the current events in world politics. In the conference will be discussed topics such as Trump’s phenomenon and possible forward actions and will be searched for answers to questions- was "Brexit"  a unique case, which will not repeat in future, what to put against to  Russian propaganda, why in the post-Soviet space is  failing political dialogue, what are the latest marketing tools in the election battle, how to overcome intercultural communication barriers and cope with migration.

Full list of the topics of the forum can be viewed here.

The language of the forum is English.