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International Gastronomy month (4)

As we all know, there are students in our university from countries all over the world. All these countries have different cultures and that is why Students` Council is offering you a great chance to discover cultures here in Turiba, by visiting the International Gastronomy month.

For three weeks we will enjoy something from Italy, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We will enjoy their traditional foods, songs, dance and everything, what these countries could offer us. For three weeks on every Wednesday at the long break, let`s come together in C building`s second floor to spend our time in a tasty and fun way!

  • March 16 – Italy - the main things in Italian kitchen are vegetables, grains, fruit, fish, cheese and meat. For cooking Italians use olive oil. These traditons began centuries ago, when Italians were a poor nation and they didn`t have a lot of ways to make their food interesting or original. However, now the traditions of this sunny country are considered to be the basis of a healthy lifestyle.
  • March 23 - Croatia - one of Croatian kitchen`s characteristic is greens. Quite popular are different foods from squid and shrimps. Crabs and fishes from Adriatic sea are the best in the world.
  • March 30 – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine – Russian and Belarussian foods are quite unusual and not everybody would like them. Often these foods are made by componets which in other countries are considered very different and are not put togehter, when making a meal. For example, in Russia there is a kvass and vegetables soup, in which you can find different vegetables, greens and cooked or smoked meat.  Ukrainian kitchen is famous for it`s various flavours. Most popular food is borsch - beet soup with meat, mushrooms, beans or even dried plums.

Come and taste the world!




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