News> International conference “Fostering Active Participation Among the Youth of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds” will take place

International conference “Fostering Active Participation Among the Youth of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds” will take place (1)

On the 14th and 15th of  October 2016, at the University Latvia in the faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art will take place international conference “Fostering Active Participation Among the Youth of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds”. This conference is part of ongoing Erasmus + project NEELl: Non-formal Education and e-Learning for Inclusion.  The aim of the  conference is to invite youth workers, teachers, educators and others to share their experiences, knowledge about how to work with young people who have migration background or comes from intercultural  environment, and the importance of fostering their inclusion and active participation in the society. The main language in the conference will be English. Participation in the conference free of charge, arrangement by e-mail to 12 October.

At 15:00 there will be   lecture ““Youth identity in migration process: using the "rites of passage" metaphor” ”by    Alexander Ošiņa and Ph.D. Liesma Ose, representing the Association of Global Development Institute.  The metaphor of "rites of passage" is often used in the narrative approach while working with people who are undergoing a long-term process of change. This metaphor helps to make different stages of the process vivid, realize available  resources  and  gradual  changes  to  the  identity  that  the  person is undergoing, therefore  making  the  migration  process less stressful and more conscious . During the presentation some basic practices for working with migrant youth using this metaphor will be offered as well.

16:30 will take place lecture and workshop “ and experience”by Alexander Oļeiņikov , who will share his  experience while working with Russian-speaking young Latvian youth organization JASMA. 17:30   Ph.D.   Ēika Pičukāne from the State Language Agency will have lecture “What to do in order to have an easier path? ” and will share her knowledge while working with youth who are third country nationals. She will share advices what to keep in mind while teaching the langauge. After this lecture informal knowledge sharing is planned.

On the second day of the conference at 10:30 there will be lecture ““Intercultural shock and the challenge of inclusion: who is responsible?”” by Ilkhom Khalimzoda from Tajikistan. He represents associations "House of the Dialogue"

At 12:00 Aiste Ptakauske, a filmmaker from Lithuania who represents “"Ethnic kitchen” will have workshop “ Decoding assumptions for effective education and communication”. Aiste Ptakauske  teaches  cultural  intelligence  to  International  Business  students  at  Vilnius University Business School and leads an international team of scholars and pedagogues who are  developing a set of innovative educational tools that will enhance intercultural and interdisciplinary approach  to  teaching  and  learning  in  all  partnering  institutions of the consortium: VIVES University College in Belgium, National University of Ireland, Galway in Ireland, Roma Tre University in Italy, and Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania.

The conference is organized by Humana People to People Latvia, in close cooperation with the University of Latvia, The Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art and it's Department of   Education,   International   Humanity   and   Social  Sciences  Institute. Conference  is Co-financed by the European Union program "Erasmus +" NEEL project.



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