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Intensive Programme on Mediation Course Is Conducted in Turiba University (0)

This week 30 students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Italy in Turiba University started training in ERASMUS Intensive programme course „Mediation in Civil and Criminal Cases to Foster European Wide Settlement of Disputes”. In two weeks students will intensively acquire knowledge and practical skills in mediation, participate in discussions, and have study visits to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia and the parliament Saeima in order to explore additional aspects of mediation utility and theoretical aspects.

Mediation is a form of settling disputes out of court. The process of mediation is led by one or two mediators, and it is voluntary process – wranglers agree themselves on whether and when to begin to settle their dispute in mediation procedure. Mediation can be performed in civil cases (for example, in family, work or commercial disputes, a.o.), in criminal cases (agreement between the offender and victim) and in administrative cases.

In the interactive classes students acquire an extensive training programme on civil, criminal, administrative, international, psychological and financial aspects of mediation. „This is a truly unique opportunity to learn at well-known teachers and during two weeks to learn what otherwise would have been learned in different countries at different times. Students will acquire theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience in the work of mediator, thus after completing the course they will be able to apply acquired skills, both in study process and professional field,” the importance of training programme is commented by the academic manager of the project and lecturer of Turiba University Dana Rone.

As noted by D. Rone, mediation in Latvia becomes increasingly popular. However, courts recommend for the parties of proceeding going to a mediator in order to resolve their disputes by peaceful means, also wranglers themselves attempt to settle their dispute before the court with the assistance of the mediator. Mediator does not decide but helps wranglers to come to a mutually acceptable solution themselves. Through mediation it is possible to agree on a range of issues than it is possible in the court.

Currently Latvia moves for the adoption of Mediation Law and relevant amendments in the Civil Procedure Law which will regulate mediation. After adoption of Mediation Law also regulations of Cabinet of Ministers shall be adopted, thus regulating the procedure for becoming a mediator. A person can become a mediator if it has attended mediation courses and demonstrated its ability to manage the process of mediation. Also issues on continuing education will be provided for a mediator.

There are quite a few professionals in mediation area; Latvia lacks materials and opportunities to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the corresponding courses. Therefore, this course which knowledge and skills are combined by four different European Union universities is considered to be a unique.

This interdisciplinary ERASMUS Intensive programme course on mediation is implemented by Turiba University in cooperation with Tallinn Technical University (Estonia), Vilnius University (Lithuania) and University of Genoa (Italy). In total, in the framework of the course lectures and practical classes will be led by 11 lecturers from all involved partner countries.

Mediation trainings are conducted in English.


The project has been realized with support of the sub-programme activity „ERASMUS Intensive programmes” Lifelong Learning programme ERASMUS of European Union.  Number of the project: 2013-1-LV1-ERA10-05538.


Academic manager of the project:
Lecturer of Turiba University
Dana Rone

Administrative manager of the project:
Manager of international projects of Turiba University
Kristīne Tihanova
telephone: +371 67625371