News>In the Competition „Create SWOT Analysis for Latvia” the Highest Evaluation and EUR 1000 is Awarded to Student from France

In the Competition „Create SWOT Analysis for Latvia” the Highest Evaluation and EUR 1000 is Awarded to Student from France (0)

On Thursday April 17, the final stage of the student competition „Create SWOT Analysis for Latvia” took place in Turiba University where students of bachelor, master and doctoral studies presented analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Latvia developed during the study period by offering their view on the further opportunities of national development for the period of coming 15 – 20 years. The highest ranking by jury and gratuity EUR 1000 was awarded to student from France.

The goal of the competition was to motivate future field professionals to think on a global scale, analyse and be aware of strengths of Latvia and opportunities for the period of the next 15 – 20 years.

In the competition which was implemented as a part of the study process, works were submitted by local and foreign students of bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes.

On April 17, in the final day of the competition authors of the ten best works defenced their works for the jury commission. The highest ranking of the jury and gratuity in the amount of EUR 1000 of the competition was awarded to the 3rd year student of the professional bachelor study programme Business Administration of the Faculty of Business Administration from FranceHerriau Sébastien.

In his work Herriau Sébastien highlighted the following points as strengths of Latvia: macroeconomic and politic stability, good geographic position, developed infrastructure, favourable conditions for business and attractive destinations for tourists, as well as quality of life. As weaknesses he mentioned economic processes, social and demographic factors, culture in which features of Russian culture is still strongly felt. According to French student, threats are the increase in unemployment of young people, high emigration rates, low percentage of entrepreneurs, decrease in Latvian population, politically tensed situation in the world related to the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, the growing satisfaction of citizens and possible demonstrations against the ruling clique, clanship of pro-European and pro-Russian groups, forces of Russian Federation coming to power in the Latvian parliament Saeima.

Herriau Sébastien pointed that in future Latvia should use the advantages of introduction of euro, support of European Union funds and its availability, promote foreign direct investments, use knowledge in telecommunication more actively and promote further development of export, highlight cultural diversity and attraction, in particular it will be supported by the rich program of European Capital of Culture Rīga 2014 and cultural events dedicated to promotion of culture.

Works of students were evaluated by the jury composed of the deputy of chairman of Development Council Turiba Viesturs Bulāns, vice-president of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lienīte Caune, dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Agita Doniņa, dean of Faculty of Communication assoc. professor Andris Pētersons, dean of the Faculty of Law assoc. Professor Ingrīda Veikša and lecturer of the University and PhD student Renāte Cāne.