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In Cooperation with Swedbank New Leisure Area for Students was Opened in Turiba (5)

On 11 January in premises of Turiba University renovated leisure area of students – Open area was opened. The project was realized with support of Swedbank. During opening students, management of the university, as well as representatives of Swedbank together with one of the leading fitness coaches Ralfs Upmanis tried new addition – fitness balls, which will provide an opportunity for students to do some gymnastics during breaks between lectures.

According to information provided by Head of Financial Direction of Students’ Self-Government of Turiba University Raivis Lindišs: “The former leisure area of students, which was developed in cooperation with Swedbank, had served its time already, and students several times proposed to renovate it. Also this time we addressed Swedbank with our initiative and jointly decided to make the new leisure area more attractive. Thanks to successful cooperation, in future students can relax in well-maintained leisure area, in which new tables, sofas and fitness balls are located. I will take care of the new design of leisure area to be modern and attractive”.

Students’ Self-Government of Turiba University expresses its gratitude and promises to students, that also in future Open leisure area will be improved with various interesting news.



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