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Guests in Turiba- students and heads of University of Netherlands. (9)

43 students, stuff and heads of TIO University (Netherlands) visited Turiba University on 1st December. The guest lecture to students of Turiba and TIO University was given by Indra Freiberga- representative of Embassy of Netherlands in Latvia. In her allocution she was speaking about Dutch cooperation in business. 

After that speech the students of both universities split into working groups to discuss the topic- "Opportunities of International business:Latvia-Netherlands". 

Parallel working groups there were speeches from Imants Bergs- vice rector of study development and international cooperation, and from Vita Zarina- Dean of the faculty of Business Administration, also was speaking Agita Donina- Dean of the faculty of International Tourism. 

Finally at the end students of Turiba University and TIO University were presenting what they had done in working groups.







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