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Greetings to All Turiba University Students! (1)

Today, on 2nd of September, lectures for Turiba University students of the academic year 2013/2014 start!

Turiba University staff has worked hard to provide the study environment for students more pleasant: road surface parallel to Graudu Street is changed, as well as heating track to the building C, University facades and roofs are changed. More powerful conditioners are installed in conference halls of the building C and lobby, refurbishments are made for many University premises, as well as new computers are purchased and changed in two computer rooms. Also it is thought about dwellers of Student hostel – 23 rooms and kitchen are repaired, the lobby of the first floor and game room have new colours. Computers and conditioner are changed in the computer room. Corridor of the 5th floor of the left side has become more cheerful and colourful. In total, more than 70 spots for LVL 140 000 are performed.

Also student canteen „Nīke” has taken care for wellbeing of students: now its premises are cosier and has brighter tones, the outdoor terrace in which it is possible to enjoy the meal in the warmest days of the season is set up, as well.

We hope that these improvements will help students to be inspired for the new professional season!

We inform that those who have not yet received student’s handbook, can get them in Turiba library or in your faculty. We have pleasure and satisfaction that this year manuals are available also in English, which are intended for foreign students.

We wish you strength to achieve the best results, inquisitiveness, sympathetic course mates and skill to have a beautiful relax after hard work!




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