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FIT Invites to Apply for Online AHLEI Hospitality Courses (0)

The Faculty of International Tourism(FIT) of Turiba University has concluded the cooperation agreement with AHLEI (American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute) on cooperation in the field of training of hospitality specialists. Certificates which are received after finishing AHLEI hospitality courses are recognized around the world and they acknowledge good professional knowledge in the particular field.

As the first we offer to learn the program„The Official Activity of the Hospitality” (Front Office Operations) consisting of 14 separate parts.

Tuition fee LVL 60.00.

Students who have applied for this course will be invited to sign the agreement protocol and to pay the tuition fee.

Training is provided online. It means that also all learning literature of the course will be available online only.

At the end of the each topic the test consisting of 10 questions has to be passed. This test can be passed several times; a student cannot get access to the next theme until the previous one will not be settled. After the acquisition of all the study material and successful answering of 14 tests the Final test consisting of 100 questions is passed online.

After the completion of this test (70% correct answers) students receive AHLEI certificate on the successful acquisition of the program „The Official Activity of the Hospitality’’ (Front Office Operations).

To apply for these courses you have to send the application in the free form to the e-mail:

The training will start on 6 January, 2014 with the introductory lecture of the 1st part and further it will take part every Monday at 18.00.

We invite you to take this opportunity and apply for the courses!

More information on the FIT partner organization AHLEI is available here.