News>First-year Students of Turiba University Will Compete for the Gratuity 20 000 EUR for Implementation of Their Ideas

First-year Students of Turiba University Will Compete for the Gratuity 20 000 EUR for Implementation of Their Ideas (4)

On Saturday, 31st of August, the announced competition of Turiba University for the opportunity for one of first-year student to receive the gratuity 200 000 EUR for fulfilling his/her dream concluded. Although the number of admitted students has not reached the determined number by the competition and initially announced competition has lost its force, University announces that the competition will be held and anyone will have an opportunity to claim for the largest announced gratuity now in Latvia – 20 000 EUR – for implementation of your idea.

All potential students who would like to participate in the competition of ideas and to claim for the gratuity can apply for studies till 14th of September.

The shareholder and chairman of the Development Council of Turiba University Aigars Rostovskis: „We still believe that Latvian community needs ambitious people. Therefore, by using our resources, we will provide an opportunity for students to take part in the competition with the guaranteed gratuity 20 000 EUR for implementing their ideas. We would like to promote young people to be braver and to show that anyone has a real opportunity to receive financial support for implementation of ideas!” explains A. Rostovskis.

The gratuity will be received by one first-year student of the academic year 2013/2014 which will get the highest evaluation in the presentation of his/her idea. In order to claim for the opportunity and to receive 20 000 EUR, you have to become a first-year student of bachelor, master or doctorate student of Turiba University till 14 September 2013 by concluding the study agreement and becoming matriculated in the first study year of the academic year 2013/2014. The candidatehas to acquire the referring study programme, meet the conditions of the education agreement and properly prepare for the competition announced by the University the final which is expected in 2014.


The symbolic opening of the competition will be held today, 2nd August at 10.00 in the 1st conference hall of Turiba University, where first-year students will be met and greeted by the University managers and academic staff. The shareholder and chairman of the Development Council of Turiba University Aigars Rostovskis will announce the competition.

It is previously reported that Turiba University announces the competition for gratuity of 200 000 EUR with a condition that there will be 2 500 first-year students matriculated in all bachelor, master and doctorate study programmes in the academic year 2013/2014 and at the end of the academic year 2013/2014 the number of first-year students will not be smaller than 2 000. The competition for the gratuity 20 000 EUR will be organized regardless results of fulfilment of conditions, thus enabling students to receive support for implementation of dreams.



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Would like to wish good luck to all the participants and to make their dream come true. May the best and most gifted students receive the gratuity

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