News>Faculty of Communication is invited to the forum „PR-Kvetka 2015” in Belarus

Faculty of Communication is invited to the forum „PR-Kvetka 2015” in Belarus (9)

Dean of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University assoc. Professor Andris Pētersons is invited to speak in the VIII international student forum „PR-Kvetka” organized by the Institute of Journalism of Belarusian State University, which will be held on 26 – 28 March in Minsk.

Previous year during the Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts students of Faculty of Communications of Turiba University had an opportunity to make acquaintance with journalism and public relations students from Belarus.

This year Belarusian colleagues invite Turiba students to create a team (2 to 8 participants) and to submit their PR, advertisement, marketing or journalism project for the forum „PR-Kvetka 2015” by 2 March, but the project itself shall be submitted by 15 March. At the same time it is possible to submit one’s own research to the conference of scientific work on communication topic.


In the framework of „PR_Kvetka” also tours to companies, discussions and master classes will be held. Embassy of Belarus offers possibility to receive a group visa free of charge.

Interested persons are invited to apply by 27 February by e-mail: 




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