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Facilitated Youth Hostel of Turiba University – Turība Hostel Comfort is opened (12)

At the beginning of the new year, facilitated students hostel of Turiba University – Turība Hostel Comfort will be opened. At the first floor of the Youth Tourism Hostel completely new, cosy, modern equipped rooms with interesting and ergonomic design are opened; rooms are adapted to number of people living in the room.

“In Turība Hostel Comfort there are places intended for 23 inmates. There are single, double and triple rooms, as well as rooms of connected type, in which five inmates can stay. Each room is equipped with shower and W.C. At the end of corridor there is equipped kitchen, in which there is all necessary for cooking delicious meal – stove, oven, teapot, microwave oven, etc. Also, if necessary, guests will have an opportunity to receive crockery,” according to Head of Youth Tourism Hostel of Turiba University Iluta Ernstsone.

It has been thought about safety of students in Turiba, therefore, there is security guard in evenings and nights, and there is video surveillance working twenty-four hours. There is Wi-Fi overlay throughout the building of the Youth Hostel, respectively students can study in their rooms, as well as in any of their leisure rooms or in reading-room.

Youth Hostel of Turiba University is located in territory of the University, therefore it is easy for students and University guests to attend lectures and classes in other buildings of the University. There are cosy premises, silent reading-room, in which one can undisturbedly study or read, TV room, games room, computers’ room with free accessible computers, as well as self-service laundries, hairdresser’s, as well as other useful things for students.

Additional information on Youth Hostel can be found in the section “University Life” of the homepage of Turiba University.






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Is it for freshman students? or wht?