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Already for the third year in January new ERASMUS students who have arrive to study in Latvia have chosen to attend the EILC course and will learn the Latvian language at Turiba University.

ERASMUS Intensive Language course enables universities to offer to learn the national language for exchange students (with condition that it is one of the European minority languages) before the commencement of the program.

In total, from 8th January till 29th January in Turiba Latvian is learned by 13 ERASMUS students who afterwards will continue studies in different Latvian universities.

Students learn Latvian in order to be able to communicate and successfully study in Latvia. This year Latvian is learned by young people from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Spain.

Project number: 2013-1-LV1-ERA11-05224


Project coordinator
Kristīne Tihanova